Six Tips for Increasing Your Job Hunting Success

Sometimes unemployed people are reluctant to ask for help with their job search.  They feel embarrassed about being out of work or are simply uncomfortable asking others for assistance.

Darlene Miller Hello Monday Blog Six Tips to Find Employment

Asking Others for Assistance is Key

Not asking others for assistance is exactly the opposite of what I’d recommend. Rather than hiding the fact that you are unemployed, advertise it. I’ve never met an adult who hasn’t looked for work at least once (most of us do it many times).  There are so many reasons a person might be unemployed: right out of college, laid off after a company’s reorganization, fired for poor performance, health problems that caused a period of unemployment, and so many more.

No matter the reason, networking is the key to getting employed again quickly.  (By the way, being fired for poor performance does not mean you won’t do great with your next role.  It usually means your last one was not the right match, or you failed to receive the development opportunities you needed to be successful.)   In all cases, let people know that you are available and what you want.  Someone in your network, or their network, can probably help.

Six Essential Tips When Asking for Career Coaching Help

  1. Contact people you know, you barely know, and you don’t know at all.
  2. Most people get joy from helping others and may even get a referral bonus if you’re hired. I’ve had people refer me for positions with their company having never met me.  One received a $1500 bonus when I was hired. Reach out to me and I will help you find your next career.
  3. Be specific about what you want.  People are busy and don’t have time to guess. “I’m looking for a position in a high tech company, focused on creating and facilitating learning for senior leaders,” is much better than, “I want a job in HR.” I’ve received notes from people reading, “Please see my resume and let me know about any job you think I might be qualified for.” Those go nowhere.  
  4. Ask people individually.  You can cut and paste the same paragraph in each message, but do not blindly copy all of your contacts.  They may assume someone else will help you.  Starting an email with, “Hi Susan,” is much better than, “Hi Friends.”
  5. When speaking to others, don’t just ask if they are aware of openings matching your goal, also ask if they know someone else you should contact.  When you get the names, make sure you do contact them.
  6. Connect on LinkedIn to every person you contact to keep your name top of mind.
  7. Email or call at least ten people per day until you find the job you want.

Most importantly, don’t give up!  There are plenty of people who are unemployed or unhappily employed; you don’t have to be one of them.

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You deserve to enjoy Mondays again!