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Are you feeling burnt out?  Most people feel stuck in their career at some point.  It can be a difficult time and rob you of energy and self-confidence.  You may need a change to your current position or a new job altogether.  Either way, coaching can help.

You may need to work, but you don’t have to dread it!

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With more than 25 years of experience in corporate America, I have the expertise to help you reach  your goals.  Whether it’s navigating corporate culture, developing leadership skills, inspiring your team, or improving performance, I can help.

You don’t have to go it alone!


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1 On 1 Coaching

Do you feel stuck in your current job  or wish you could support yourself doing something more enjoyable?  This happens to everyone at some point in their careers.  The good news is it doesn’t have to stay that way.  Schedule a free 1×1 with me and let’s talk about how I can help.


Career Assessments

Interest, skill and value assessments can be very helpful in identifying the best career match for you right now.  Let’s talk about what may be best for you.

Group Coaching

Interested in joining a group coaching session?  These can be helpful to not only gain career planning insights but to expand your network.

Coaching Prices

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1×1 Coaching

55 Minute Sessions focused on  making your career dreams reality.


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Pay as you go, no obligation.  Payment due when setting appointment.


4 Session Coaching Package

Pay for 4 sessions in advance; save $100.

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Save  20% by purchasing 4 sessions in advance.  Recommended to schedule sessions 1-2 weeks apart but you will have up to a year to use them.


8 Session Coaching Package

Pay for 8 sessions in advance; save  $300.

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Purchase 8 sessions in advance and save 30%.  Scheduling is flexible and you’ll have a year to use them. 


About Me

My career journey has included wrong turns and acceptance of status quo.  I’ve made mistakes, including traveling alone without a guide.   I finally found my way, but took longer than necessary.  I became certified as a career coach because I want others to learn from my detours and reach fulfillment quicker. 

I’ve worked for 28 years, mostly in Human Resources and Learning.  I have experience in every aspect of the field.  I have worked in many industries, including insurance and health care, but mostly in hi-tech for global companies.  I’m certified to facilitate many assessments and workshops, and have a lot of experience teaching career development and leadership skills. 

People are most productive when they enjoy their work.  My goal is to help others reach career fulfillment by focusing on the most direct path to success.  My strengths are in ideation, relationship-building and empathy.  When I don’t know something, I am excellent at finding the people who do and connecting with them.  I am an advocate for anyone I work with and strive for rapid results.  I’ll challenge you to face your fears, ignore naysayers, and bravely ask for what you want. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy the journey!


Darlene seeks to understand her clients as a “whole” so that we can understand how both our personal and professional passions merge or complement and build a path forward from that vantage point. I really appreciated the variety of tools in her “toolbox” she was able to naturally incorporate into our conversations, and the feedback and sounding board she provided as we worked through gaining clarification into so many different areas.  I was really impressed with the amount of “aha’s” I had each time we met, and I would highly recommend Darlene as a coach to anyone willing to bring their whole self to the conversation- you won’t be disappointed!

People Analytics Program Manager

Darlene was my leadership coach during a major professional transition, when I took over leadership of a large global Sales organization. The group was facing many difficulties at the time. What I appreciated most about Darlene was that she became the sound voice inside my head that gave me the confidence I needed to go from being a manager to being a leader. She was supportive, and also challenged me with thoughtful questions, that were instrumental in helping me clarify my thinking. With the help of Darlene’s methodical approach, I started my role from a point of strength and authenticity, that brought out the best in me.

Director of Global Sales

I have been working with Darlene as a career coach for almost 6 months and she has been such an essential part of my life.

Darlene is incredibly positive and supportive and has offered valuable advice along with tangible action items to help during extremely difficult times. She has helped me to formulate a focused and strategic plan to find my ideal job and navigate tough organizational changes.

Her approach is both practical and emotional as she understands the importance of addressing the holistic impact of career changes on our lives. She helped me to feel safe and understood and we quickly established a great working relationship. I always left our meetings feeling confident, positive and ready to take the next steps toward my ideal career path.

Her background in HR made her an invaluable resource when trying to navigate corporate benefits, internal job searches and finding creative ways to achieve work life balance.

I feel working with Darlene would benefit any professional who has recently lost their job, is looking to make a career change or who simply wants to have a healthy relationship with the work they are currently doing.

Immersive Media Strategist & Consultant

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